Associate Members

Hospice & Palliative Care Association of the Rockies' Associate members are companies or organizations that provide goods or services to hospice and/or palliative care providers.

Additionally, disease management organizations, health care insurance, durable medical equipment, end-of-life coalitions, home health agencies, foundations, grief and bereavement programs, and other organizations that are supportive of the hospice and palliative care mission, vision and standards are considered associate members.

Thanks to these companies that provide products and services to our hospice & palliative care provider members in Colorado and Wyoming.

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Melinda Mahony
[email protected] 
Phone: 678-243-1800 

Caplan & Earnest, LLC
Gregory J. Smith
[email protected]
Phone: 303-443-8010

Jeff Parent
[email protected]
Phone: 720-330-7918

CIVHC - Center for Improving Value in Health Care
Kristin Paulson
[email protected] 

Donor Alliance
Lindsey M. Wolman
[email protected] 
Phone: 303-370-2787

Hospice Analytics
Cordt Kassner
[email protected]
Phone: 719-209-1237

Hospice Pharmacy Solutions
Megan Roan
[email protected]
Phone: 866-851-4866

HUB International
Vickie Golobic
[email protected]
Phone: 303-382-5179

Iris Project, The
Jennifer Ballentine
[email protected] 
Phone: 303-521-4111

Kinnser Software
Jennifer Jarrett
[email protected]
Phone: 512-879-3135

Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank
Ben Samuels
[email protected]
Phone: 720-848-3937

StateServ Medical
Andrew Delaney
[email protected]
Phone: 877-633-7250