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The Hospice & Palliative Care Association of the Rockies (HPCAR) strongly believes in the value of hospice care as the highest quality care for patients and family caregivers struggling with serious and life-limiting illness. Please join HPCAR, your regional trade association, and help us champion for our clients and for our industry.

HPCAR is committed to serving the entire hospice and palliative care community. Among our membership are programs large and small, urban and rural, nonprofit and for-profit, government owned and faith-based, single site and multi-site, the variations go on, and this diversity enriches our organization and the field. Despite these differences our commitment to caring and excellence is the same.

Our brand promise ensures that we will connect our citizens in need with palliative and hospice care information and resources. For our members, we will provide advocacy, education, and best practice models of care.

Membership Levels (term Jan. 1 - Dec. 31):

Hospice Providers

A hospice provider is an organization licensed to provide hospice care, and all inpatient units and satellite offices identified under the same legal corporate entity/ownership shall be considered a single Hospice Provider and shall include all locations operating under that ownership within the states of Colorado and/or Wyoming.

Hospice Provider Members pay tabulated dues calculated as follows:

  • Dues are based on the most recent completed fiscal year.
  • Dues are tabulated by multiplying the total number of hospice patient days by $0.185. The total number of patient days includes all patient days counted under a single parent entity for all locations (includes branches, inpatient facilities and satellite offices).
  • Minimum dues = $499; maximum dues = $8,000.
  • Newly-licensed Hospice Provider Member dues will be tabulated based on the same formula but using the most current data available (subject to the $499 minimum dues amount).
  • Dues are not prorated.
  • Hospice Provider Member annual benefits end on the last day of the following year.
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Palliative Care Providers

Palliative care providers provide only palliative care services and may include large hospitals, smaller hospitals and nursing homes. Interdisciplinary palliative care teams include doctors, nurses and social workers, and they may include chaplains, counselors, pharmacists, dietitians, rehabilitation specialists, physical therapists, music and art therapists, and home health aides. Palliative care provider member dues are $2,000.

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Payments to the Hospice and Palliative Care Association of the Rockies (HPCAR) are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. HPCAR dues are an allowable cost in the Medicare Cost Report. Due to congressional action that eliminates the deductibility of lobbying expenses, only 66 percent of your dues payments to HPCAR may be deducted as an "ordinary and necessary business expense" for federal income tax purposes. Tax ID # 38-3945283.